How To Make Working Out Every Day A Habit.

You may be reading this because you find yourself wanting to workout consistently, but for some reason you can’t. One day you’ll become motivated, and you start going to the gym only to find yourself forgetting all about it in two weeks. The truth is that this is completely normal. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Put Simply, You’re Human

You are in control of the car you’re driving, unless it’s a Tesla lol. The idea I am trying to explain is the idea that you rely too much on motivation. Humans naturally have this mediocre way of thinking, so you have to make the decision to evolve. You make the excuse that you aren’t motivated anymore, which is just an excuse. This is why discipline is so much more powerful than motivation.

The Power Of Discipline

Discipline is your capacity to persist when you don’t want to. The most successful people you know have crazy discipline. And unlike motivation, what’s good about discipline is that it can be trained. You can train your mind to be more disciplined. You can cultivate the kind of person you want to be from discipline.

The thing with discipline is that it is up to you. You are the one who chooses to keep going. You are the one who chooses to put on your gym clothes even though you want sleep. Motivation is a feeling you experience. It is something that isn’t even you. But discipline is a practice. It’s a practice that is a part of who you are.


In the first phase you will need to be disciplined enough to do it consistently. After a few weeks it will become routine for your mind. Your mind will be used to going to the gym at that specific time every day.

For example, I go to the gym Monday through Friday at 9 am. Unless it is an absolute emergency you’ll find me there. This is because my mind has a direct correlation with 9 am and going to the gym. Once that time comes around I already know what to do.

My mind isn’t confused about what’s going on, rather it’s focused on going to the gym. And I won’t make an excuse not to go because I have already set that boundary for myself that 9 am is my time for going to the gym.


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