How Your Negativity Is The #1 Reason For Your Hindered Progress & How To Fix It.

When people tell you life is all about your mindset, it’s true. The way you look at life and react to its events determines everything. It may not determine the event that actually happened, but your mind plays the role in creating your reaction and how it feels. When you think positively, a shift occurs. Reality seems more vibrant, and everything seems to flow in an enlivening natural state, even when tribulation occurs. When you think negative, and your negativity consumes your entire mind, your view on the world changes. What happens internally becomes the external. You have a negative attitude, your day sucks. You ‘know’ you won’t make the lift, so you don’t. You have negative energy with your ex, so your encounters are negative.

In fitness, the same principles apply. When you walk into the gym with negativity floating in your mind, your workout sucks. You feel drained, you don’t push yourself, and you just want to be home. In fact, you end up missing your lifts almost purely on your negativity. It’s the principle of what happens internally is external. When you think negative, negative events seem to happen. When you think positive, positive events seem to happen. The thing is though, there is no such thing as a negative or positive event. In fact, humans created that notion. That’s why someone views missing a pr attempt in a negative light, while another person sees it as a way to improve. One person has negativity associated with missing the lift, the other has positivity associated with missing the lift. It’s all a mind game. You are in charge of what happens after life’s events.

This is where visualization can play a major role. Visualization is the idea of experiencing an event in your mind before the event actually occurs. Essentially, you’re attempting to manifest it in your life. An example of visualization can be going for a squat personal record. Before the lift, you visualize yourself making the lift. You visualize the atmosphere, the pressure, your breathing, how you move. You make a thought seem a reality in your mind. Once you do this, you align your future with something tangible. It became tangible because you created it. You connected the links to the future and what it may behold.

But, you can’t use these ideas when negativity is afloat within your mind. You must train your mind to think positive, and remove negative notion from its existence. You do this by forming the habit of thinking positively before any event. Practice building the habit of feeling positive energy and thinking positive thoughts before major events. Visualize what success would look like for you, and visualize intently. Focus on the details, because that is what makes it that much more real. Carry this idea to less major events. Eventually, and with consistent compounded effort over time, the habit of positive thinking will form. It will radiate from your being, and other people will catch on with it. Evolve..

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